Kinsta Tutorial – Server and App (WordPress) Implementation

This Kinsta Tutorial focuses on how to set up a server to run WordPress. Once these steps are completed, you are in a position to begin implementing your website, without interference from caching. We recommend not putting any performance optimization (code snippets, plugins, etc.) in place until after the design process has been completed. We will cover optimization a separate post.

Account Setup

The following instructions are reflective of our location, requirements, recommendations, etc.  Your implementation may differ slightly.

  1. Sign up for Kinsta (Affiliate Link – Helps us to continue to write tutorials like this one).
  2. Location > Iowa (US Central)  (Note:  We want to pick a server that’s closest to the majority of our customers.  Because we are US-based, we want to place the server in the middle of the country.).
  3. Name your site.
  4. Enable Custom Domain and enter your domain.
  5. Choose to Add a brand new WordPress install.