Optimize WordPress Websites for Outstanding Performance

This post focuses on ways to optimize WordPress websites for outstanding performance and the guidelines that WP Turned Up follows.  Our website does not require higher-end solutions, so most small business owners will be able to use our approach for their own websites.This guide is just one piece of the puzzle when it comes to securing and performance-optimizing WordPress websites. We recommend referencing this guide periodically, as things rapidly change in this space.

Web Hosting

We recommend SiteGround for the reasons stated below. You can purchase SiteGround hosting at a discount here.

  • Excellent performance at an affordable price
  • Enhanced Caching
  • The bleeding edge of PHP releases
  • HTTP/2 across all plans
  • Tight integration with Cloudflare at no additional cost

A Note On PHP Versions

We always run the latest version of PHP, unless there are reasons not to.   So far, we have only had a few instances where running the latest version caused issues.  We recommend starting with the latest version of PHP and then testing all aspects of your website.  Rinse, repeat, until you find the highest usable version of PHP for your environment.  Newer versions of PHP are generally more secure, have fewer bugs, and in some cases run much faster.