Chicago Estate Advisors

The owner of Chicago Estate Advisors, Deborah H., actually came to us under completely different branding. She was in a situation that unfortunately we see too often, where a previous website professional not only misguided their client, but they delivered a broken, half-completed product…all while holding the client’s accounts hostage. Deborah was unhappy with her website to the point where she wouldn’t even launch her new business.

In the end, we ended up building a completely new brand (business name, domain name, logo, etc.) and built a brand new website without needing to contact the previous website professional. Also, by using our FREE Website offer, we were able to deliver the new website for no additional cost.

Now that Deborah has launched her new business, we have plans to implement an online store on her website, to help with her overall online presence, and more.

  • Web and Domain Hosting Management
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • SEO-Optimized Design and Implementation
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Logo Design
  • Scheduling Integration (Calendly)